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The boat carries a maximum of 6 passenger divers per trip and is usually fully booked by one group of divers.  However, there may be space available for individuals or a buddy team, especially during mid-week.  You must make prior arrangements to dive, if you just show up at the dock in the morning there probably will not be space for you.  We will sail with as few as 4 divers if no group has chartered the boat. 

Cost.  Individual divers (Walk On spots) for the 2021 season are $170.00 (US$) per diver per day of diving (Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted).  Multiple day trips and full week charters may have different pricing structure, so contact Dive Hatteras LLC for details.  The cost includes the boat ride out to the wreck sites and back and does not cover the cost any gratuity you may wish to provide the boat crew (and the mates work for it).  Wreck sites outside our normal operating range (ie; U701, Manuela, Tamalipas, etc) will be assessed an additional fuel surcharge to cover the additional expense of the extra fuel used.  The walk-on cost is based upon diesel fuel prices at no more than $3.50 per gallon and there may be additional fuel surcharge if the price of fuel exceeds this current cost.  

The diving day normally includes a 0730 departure and two dives, usually at different wreck sites, with a return to the dock between 3 to 4 PM.  The boat does not provide lunch or sodas without prior arrangements, so plan accordingly.  We do have plenty of water and cooler space onboard for your use.

Requirements to Dive.   

  • All divers/passengers will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to boarding the vessel.

  • All divers must have a valid certification from a nationally recognized certification agency.  Don't even bother to call about this - it is non-negotiable. 

  • We strongly recommend dive insurance with an organization such as DAN.

  • All divers are required to dive with surface signaling devices; SMB, whistle/air horn, etc. (this equipment is on all our loaner gear) and a Diver VHF/GPS radio like the Nautilus Lifeline is highly recommended.

Divers and Dive Skills. Mid-Atlantic wreck diving is considered advanced sport diving.  When you dive from the boat, it is your responsibility to accurately assess your dive ability.  We do not normally offer the services of a Dive Master nor do we normally accompany divers underwater.  A dive briefing will be conducted that details how divers are expected to prepare for the diving, ingress and egress the water, location of safety/rescue equipment, and any other details necessary for that specific day of diving.  It is the diverís responsibility to listen to and understand the dive briefing.  It is the responsibility for all divers to monitor their own air/gas supply, times and depth.  View this page for procedures on the diving.  If we see any behavior that we consider dangerous to themselves or other divers, we reserve the right to restrict the diver from further diving.

Dive Sites. The captain will review wind and sea conditions and discuss dive site possibilities with the passengers.  We will make every attempt to dive specific sites when passengers state a preference.  We reserve the right to change course and dive a different site if sea conditions do not appear to be conducive to safe diving at the original site. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible dive conditions available at the time.  Dive sites beyond the normal range (U-701, Manuela, Tamalipus, etc) will incur an additional fuel surcharge calculated upon the actual cost of the fuel required to travel to and from the site beyond the normal range limits.

Technical Diving. Walk on divers will not be allowed to conduct Technical Level diving exposures and their lengthy run times.  There is no problem with you diving your CCR or your "DIR" gear (within reason) but Tech diving exposures are allowed only on specific Tech Dive Group Charters. Charter the entire boat or sign up with a group that has a Tech Dive scheduled if Tech Diving is your desire.  100% Oxygen in HP scuba cylinders is not allowed on our boat.  The exception are cylinders specifically designed for use in CCR units.  Do not bring any scuba cylinders with anything over 40% Oxygen without prior authorization.

CCR Use.  Divers may use Closed Circuit Rebreathers when diving from our boat for any dive trip, but extended run times with lengthy decompression requirements are limited to Technical Diving Trips.  We are CCR friendly and will accommodate reasonable run times on any trip but CCR divers must discuss their intended dive plan/run time with the crew prior to the dive so that the dives can be conducted safely. 

Equipment Needs. DiveHatteras llc can provide dive gear for use, to include SCUBA cylinders (100s and 80s).  Extra weights and belts are available on board if needed - no costs.  Discuss any equipment needs with DiveHatteras prior to the trip date for assistance in this area if needed.  DiveHatteras llc can assist you with almost anything you might need if previous arrangements are made.

Air/Nitrox Fills.  Air fills that exceed grade E standards are available right at the boat while dockside in the marina; there is no compressor on board the boat.  Divers need to bring full tanks for the first day of diving, as there will not be sufficient time in the morning to fill tanks prior to departure.  We generally do not provide air fills for divers not diving on a charter with us.  Nitrox up to 40% is available as well.  We do not provide 02 for partial pressure blending or Helium for tri-mix diving but can fill CCR bottles with 02.

Diving the U-701. Trips to the U-701 are possible; however, the U-701 is outside our normal range and thereís no guarantee that once we get there, conditions will allow diving the site.  If itís not possible to dive the U-701, we cannot guarantee that any of the other wrecks in the area will be diveable as a fallback.  The U-701 will cost extra due to the distance to the wreck site and there is no guaranteed diving.  In addition, absolutely no U-701 artifacts are permitted on our dive boat.

Spear Fishing. Spear fishing is allowed from the boat, but divers are required to follow all common safety procedures and not enter or exit the water with loaded guns.  Spear fishing may attract the attention of sharks; either at depth or on the surface. It is every spear fishing diverís obligation to assess conditions that could lead to shark attacks and behave responsibly.  Although we will attempt whatever is practical given the conditions/danger, we will not place ourselves or anyone else on the charter in danger trying to affect a rescue.  This statement is not made lightly and should be taken as a serious possibility.

If you have any questions, please email or give us a call at 703.517.3724 (cell).

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