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What would a web site be without FAQS? Over the years we have been asked some interesting questions and thought it might be helpful to share these with you. We feel this sections is part advice, part guidelines. Anyway...

"I am here on vacation and would like to go diving - Can you show me how to do it on the way out to the dive site?"

No! As a minimum requirement you must be a certified diver to go out diving with us.  Though we are on an island, this is not "the Islands" where tourists are taken out to a ten foot deep reef for an exciting scuba dive with no real instruction.  Generally this is diving for experienced ocean divers but we do offer divers on vacation the opportunity to go wreck diving provided they have a SCUBA certification, but see the question below for some more details.

"I have not been diving in 10 years, will that be a problem?"

Yes it probably will be.  Get yourself current on easy diving before tackling Hatteras. Better yet, go take a refresher course at your local shop then do some easy diving first.  Though the diving in Hatteras on some days can be deceptively easy, it is the open Atlantic and bad things can happen fast. If your skills are rusty or non-existent it merely adds to your troubles.   Take a look at this page here to help you decide.

"Where should I be looking for my tanks?"

This question was asked of us after we had anchored into the wreck twenty miles from the inlet.  Because we don't keep the loaner tanks or provide other gear onboard, you need to bring it with you when we leave the dock.  If you do need equipment it must be arranged in advance but we have almost anything you might need. 

"Can I bring my Rebreather and dive for three hours?"

Yes and No.  We welcome divers using CCR units who have the proper certification, experience and currency.  The average run time we would like to see on a standard dive charter is 60 to 90mns.  If we are doing a specific tech dive to a special target, then longer runs might be possible.

"I really like dive gear and I carry just about everything they come out with. Is it ok if I bring two extra bags containing back-ups for my back-ups?"

No. Keep your primary gear in top shape and don't bring extra junk. We do keep some emergency repair and backup gear on board if it is needed.  We have plenty of extra weights on board as well so please don't bring your extra 60lbs of lead with you.

"I'm cheap; do I still tip the mate?"

Wait, are you the same guy who tips the barista for a $3 cup of coffee? But someone who lifts your weight-integrated BC, plus a set of doubles with an attached pony, to the stern and helps you into it (and checks your air) doesn't rate the same consideration?  Maybe we should write your name and a smiley face on your tanks. Yes - please tip the mate.

"As a follow-up to that last question, do you guys talk about cheap-o divers?"


"Can I bring my 7 year old onboard as a bubble-watcher?"

No. We don't allow children aboard unless they are going to be diving  You'll have to make other arrangements to watch your kids.

"Are Speedo suits allowed onboard?"

Friends don't let friends dive in Speedos and most guys that wear them shouldn't!

"What kind of food should I bring aboard?"

Anything that comes back up easily. You can bring anything you think you can eat at sea and keep down.  We do have a small microwave and plenty of cooler space you can toss your lunch in if you need to.  Also, please refrain from stuffing your half used PB&J sandwich between the tanks or seat cushions.

"Can we dive the 701 today?"

Maybe.  It all depends upon the conditions, your skill level and if you want to pay a premium for going that far and take the chance of not being able to dive due to conditions at the site.  Please believe me if I tell you the current will be screaming along at the site and most days it is going to be.  But I really do like going there and diving the U-Boat at every opportunity, so Yes, Maybe, we can go there!




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