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2023 Charter Dates

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The Classic Navy Anchor of the Hesperides

This is open ocean wreck diving

Challenging Offshore Dives

Big Water, Big Animals

 You MUST be a certified diver, take an advanced class or a shipwreck/ocean diving class if your skills arenít quite there yet.


If you would like to set up a trip for the 2024 dive season, contact Dive Hatteras or call us at 703-517-3724 so that we can work to make it happen. 

There is no online booking function as we need to talk about the type of diving you want to do and are capable of participating in, so call or email us.

The shops and clubs on the schedule have us booked for these dates in 2023.  If you have interest in diving on these dates, you need to contact them directly to determine if space is available.  If you want to dive on any open boat date or midweek dates that are not listed, e-mail or give us a call to set it up.  

If you want to charter the whole boat on any of the dates listed as Dive Hatteras they are available for Group Charters, get in touch and we can set it up!  These dates will become open boat trips if not booked by a group.

2023 Dive Schedule

Dates will be posted as Charters are confirmed

and posted information may not always be current

  13-14 Research Dives,
boat is filled
Dive Hatteras
  20-21 JK Divers Dive Hatteras
  25-26 Scuba Spear Trip,
boat is filled
  27-28 Freedivng Spear Trip
boat is filled
Dive Hatteras
3-4 Research Dives
boat is filled
Dive Hatteras
5 to 9 Atlantic Wreck Divers Dive Hatteras
  17-18 One Ocean Scuba One Ocean
24-25 Freediving Spear Trip
boat is filled
Dive Hatteras
1-2-3 2 seats open Dive Hatteras
  8-9 PS Divers Dive Hatteras
15-16 Research Dives
boat is filled
Dive Hatteras
  17-23 Advanced/Tech Trip
contact for wait list
Dive Hatteras
Advanced Dive Trip
contact for wait list
Dive Hatteras
      Dive Hatteras
  7 to 11 NY Divers Dive Hatteras
12-13 Research Dives
is filled
Dive Hatteras
19-20 Rum Runners Dive Hatteras
21to 25 NY Divers Dive Hatteras
26 -27 JK Divers Dive Hatteras
2-3-4 boat full, wait list Dive Hatteras
  9-10 BFDC Dive Hatteras
16-17 Atlantic Wreck Divers Dive Hatteras
  23-24 JK Divers Dive Hatteras
  30-1 PS Divers Dive Hatteras
Diving in the Fall can be really great, but sea conditions more challenging.  We may schedule something, but weather has the final say.

COVID-19 Mitigation Policy Information

We specialize in custom dive charters for 6 passenger divers max per trip, so reserve you space early. We need a four diver minimum to get a trip out on a walk on basis.  Spearfishing trips can also be arranged, either tanks or Free Diving.

The cost and conditions for walk on divers is available here.

Our charter policy for groups is available here. 

Please see this page for diving procedures information.

Contact Dive Hatteras or call 703-517-3724 if you need further info.

The boat is located in Hatteras Village on Saxon Cut Drive.  Turn on Kohler Drive and take an immediate left on Saxon Cut going behind the Burris Red&White store.  Look for the Dive Hatteras signs, turn into the parking area and you will find the Lion's Paw straight ahead.  There is plenty of parking.

Lat/Lon coordinates for your GPS are: N35.13.260, W075.41.549