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Dive Hatteras llc does not warrant that any information on or referenced by our web site accurately reflects safe dive practices nor do we imply that the information will produce safe, reliable results or that you will not become injured, disabled, or killed using any of the techniques discussed.  The information presented is for you to use at your own risk.  

Scuba Diving and open Ocean free diving are dangerous sports which can only be performed in relative safety if you get training, pay attention to that training and correctly apply it.  Also recognize that no matter who you are and how well you are trained; there are dives or water conditions that are beyond your personal ability, dives which cannot be safely done with your equipment and dives that are beyond your training and skill level.  SCUBA Diving in general is fraught with risk and decompression diving adds significantly to that risk.  Deep diving utilizing compressed air, nitrox, multiple mixed gasses (including helium, argon, oxygen, nitrogen) or Closed Circuit Rebreathers is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.  Free diving involves extended breath holding and rapidly changing water pressures that may result in unconsciousness, drowning or even death.

The information presented on the Dive Hatteras llc web site is not meant to be a replacement for a certification course with an instructor and it is not meant to be an encouragement for you to go out and engage in similar diving without getting the appropriate training and equipment as well as evaluating your personal skills, as required.  Open Ocean wreck or deep diving requires advanced equipment and training as well as a careful self examination and evaluation of your skills, abilities and limitations.  Your certification course(s) should have trained you to recognize your limitations and to recognize the level of diving you were trained to do.

Charts and other information on this web site or referenced by this web site are not to be used for navigation or for any other purpose involving safety at sea.  Finally, Dive Hatteras llc does not guarantee or imply that the information provided on or referenced by this web site is accurate and or safe to use.


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