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Over the years we have met a great number of very interesting and fun people who come to dive in Cape Hatteras with us.  Here are just a few of the regulars...
Craig Matthews chilling on the Lido Deck

Craig chills on the Lido deck between dives

The BFDC Trio, Poe, Wilkins & Hudy

Joe Poe, Bruce Wilkens and Paul Hudy of the BFDC are always great to have onboard.

Capt Rich shows off his big red Cubera Snapper

Capt. Rich shows off a big Cubera that he speared.

Cliff scored a large African Pompano

Cliff shot a nice African Pompono on a dive at the Proteus.  


Bryce on the ManuelaDiver Bryce Hanson finds a nice porthole at the Manuela wreck site.

Cliff scores a porthole from the Monahan!

Cliff snatched up a porthole on a dive at the Catherine Monohan Wreck.  Nice find indeed!


Divers who recovered the bell from the Proteus wreck display it on the deck of the Lion's Paw.

Divers Charlie Bulloss and Alan Russell display the bell they recovered from the Proteus on the back deck of Lion's Paw.

Jim Willis, world traveler, diver and amatuer photo guy

Diver Jim Willis shoots some jellies during the deco stop.


The STIG of Hatteras Diving....

Capt Rich displays the Mahi caught by Diver Jim Oxendine (L)

Diver Jim Oxendine landed a good Mahi on the troll between wreck sites.

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